As art/chitect and practice based researcher I operate at the crossroad between the academic world and the professional architecture practice. I understand architecture as a tool to alternate stagnated social-environmental behavior patterns and aim at research and architectural craftsmanship that inspires to move and think differently.


Working transversally, in between disciplines and shifting modes of action,  is my nature. In affiliation with (educational)institutes and NGO’s I enjoy to work on intradisciplinairy projects in collaboration with the environment itself. My commissioned work ranges between anthropological and sensuous fieldwork, performative or participatory spatial interventions and research by design with a focus on social or ecological processes. 

Currently I am lecturer at the ArtScience interfaculty in the Hague (NL) and work on a doctorate research within the Radical Materiality Research Group at KU Leuven in Brussels (BE). By making use of creative research methodologies I study the crucial bodily dimension that gives way to the emergence of (alternative) value through social-environmental interaction. Starting from comparative explorations between eastern and western disciplines such as philosophy, art and architecture, anthropology and (neuro)ecology my work is also inspired by more general body-work. My amateur background as performer and zookeeper, as well as my daily movement practice and intuition training, influence my work on many levels.

I  initially started my studies in fine art and philosophy, but finished BSc and MSc in architecture at the Technical University of Delft (NL). I had the opportunity to work for architectuurstudio Herman Hertzberger, Amsterdam (NL) and Atelier Li Xiaodong, Beijing (CN) . From 2009 to 2011 I was part of Vision included; a co-initiated, pro-active design practice and discussion platform. From 2013 to 2017 I was part of ALPEH, co-founded, cross-academic laboratory for the exploration of progressive heuristics with  its emphasis on philosophy as creative practice in its own right. In 2014 I was selected as promising young Dutch architect by the jury of the ‘The future of Craftsmanship in architecture’ symposium at the Venice biennale. 

Honors, funding and residencies (selected)


(2019/’20) Residency at Monash and La Trobe University, Melbourne (AU)

Travel grant by FWO Research Foundation Flanders (BE)


(2018) Residency at Cloud/Danslab, the Hague (NL)


(2018) Residency at  Kansai University, Osaka (JP)  

Travel grant by FWO Research Foundation Flanders (BE)


(2018) Residency at the architectural body research foundation, East Hampton (USA)

Travel grant by New York Hub/ Catholic University of Leuven (BE)


(2017) Research: Morphogenesis of Resonance (doctorate)

Research grant (20% for 3 years) by the Royal Academy of Arts, the Hague (NL)


(2014-16) Project: Back 2 Courtyard, the Hague (NL)

Project grants by municipality of the Hague (NL)

(2015) Visit to SenseLab at Concordia University, Toronto (CA)

Travel Grant by the Royal Academy of Arts, the Hague (NL)


(2014) Research: Building the Insensible (preparation doctorate)

Research grant (10% for 1 year) by the Royal Academy of Arts, the Hague (NL)


(2014) Honors: Promising young Dutch architect.

Selected by Kees Christiaanse / KCAP and Harmen van de Wal / Krill  in the context of the ‘Future of Craftsmanship in Architecture’ events at the Venice Biennale (IT) 


(2013) Residency at Treignac Project (FR)



Home within movement: The Japanese concept 間 [Ma]. Sensing Space-time intensity. In Care of the Self: Ancient and Modern Practices of Citizenship in Asia and the West. ed. Bracken, G. Amsterdam University Press. pp 241-257

Denken met je Handen. Geen architectuur zonder vakmanschap.

de Architect, jaargang 46, no. 2, 2015, pp. 20-28 12 


Learning from Hong Kong: ‘place’ as relation.

The Newsletter International Institute for Asian Studies, No.68, Summer 2014

Non- traditional research output (selected)


It’s going to rain soon.

Exhibition design with students: Rietveld Academy, Amsterdam (NL)


Teigyoku-ken Teahouse iterations.

Scenography at Cloud/DansLab, the Hague (NL)         

Moments of 間 [Ma].

Performance with students at the Intensive Cartographies seminar 4: mapping rhythm, TUDelft (NL). In collaboration with Cocky Eek.

Sensing Shipyard/Sensing place.

Exhibition with students. Sonic Acts Festival, Amsterdam (NL).

In collaboration with Cocky Eek.


(2017) Transformances.

Exhibition design at A Grin without a Cat. Deleuze Conference, Enschede(NL). In collaboration with Sjoerd van Oevelen.



Latest lectures (selected) 

Un/Balancing Textures.

At Monash University, Melbourne (AU) 

Approaching Ma: Marking, Zigzagging and Rotating.

At Ca2Re conference, KULeuven, Ghent (BE) 

Reversed Destiny. Constructing life with Arakawa and Gins.

At Architectures of Life and Death, Deleuze Conference, TuDelft (NL) 

Beyond Bioscleave.

At Scaffolds International Symposium, Alice-lab, Brussels (BE) 


Ma and Blank.

At Architectural Body Research seminar, Kansai Universitym(JP)


Moving on, 間 [Ma] 40 years after.

At Intensive Cartographies seminar 4: mapping rhythm, TuDelft (NL) 


10 days at Bioscleave house.

At Architectural Body Foundation Seminar 3, Studio Anise, New York City (USA)


Summersaulting Horizons and making sense of sensorial journeys.

At Sonic Acts Academy, Amsterdam (NL) 


Dirty Co-Creation.

At INSIDE: Corrupted Spaces Seminar, Royal Academy of Arts, the Hague (NL) 


A beautiful catastrophe. A Japanese approach towards energy in environmental design. At Environmental Asia. 10th annual Nordic NIAS Council Conference, Oslo (NO)


                       Jacob Marisstraat 117                 The Hague (NL)